Moving to Northeast Florida? Should You Lease A House?

Moving to Northeast Florida? Should You Lease A House?

Finding the right leasing agreement may be tricky if you are unsure about your next steps, or if you are going through life transitions that require more flexibility. Home Manager Rentals places renters, or “resident stagers”, in luxury properties that are on the market in Greater Jacksonville. If you are relocating to Northeast Florida, you have the opportunity to enjoy luxury homes and condos for below market rental costs in exchange for keeping the property show-ready at all times—and the benefits are endless! Learn the advantages that come with home managing in Northeast Florida, and get started on your next adventure.

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The Benefits of Renting as a Home Manager

1. No long-term lease

Home managers are able to enjoy the flexibility of not being bound by a long-term lease. Oftentimes, people go through certain life situations that may make it difficult to commit to strict leasing agreements, or have occupations that require short-term living arrangements. Home manager programs typically last between 2-5 months depending on how long it takes for a property to sell, providing a convenient compromise for those looking for a nice place to stay for a short period of time. Working professionals such as contract workers, those in the military, or workers who are being relocated, are all great candidates for home managing because the programs will be better suited for their timing needs.

Becoming a home manager will take away the burden of making any concrete decisions, and will be a better fit to tailor to timing needs without any added stress. You will be able to simply join the program without committing to any long-term agreements or contracts. If a home happens to sell quicker than anticipated, you will easily be moved to another luxury property in the area.

2. Fully-furnished homes

One of the most stressful parts of moving is having to transport a multitude of household items and heavy furniture from place to place, especially when you are only planning on staying for a short amount of time. Home managers enjoy the convenience of staying in fully-furnished luxury properties that have everything you need to make life comfortable. Furthermore, all luxury homes are professionally designed to create charming and elegant settings to make you feel right at home. 

3. Many properties have luxury amenities

Managing a luxury home will allow you to live a lifestyle you have always dreamed about. Instead of settling for an average rental home or apartment, enjoy properties that have multiple desired features that are simply incomparable. For starters, home managers get to enjoy living in properties with large square footage that they may not be able to obtain with a rental home or apartment. The luxury properties are also modernized with open-concept living spaces and high-end appliances for ultimate comfort. Many of the homes have spa-like features in master and secondary bathrooms that provide a resort-style living experience, along with other added features such as swimming pools, large backyards and beautiful views.

4. Explore new areas of town without a commitment

If you are someone who enjoys traveling and exploring new places, home managing may be a great fit for you. A typical home manager lease runs between 3-5 months, depending on how quickly the property sells. Therefore, home managers in Northeast Florida can experience living in a variety of different neighborhoods and properties across the five-county area that range from high-rise riverfront condos, to beachfront estates and lavish country clubs.

If exploring new and exciting lifestyles while leasing short-term luxury homes in Northeast Florida sounds right for you, begin by submitting an online request form to be considered for a home manager opportunity with Home Manager Rentals in Jacksonville, FL. If you would like to learn more about this incredible opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us today.
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Jacksonville Luxury Short-Term Rentals are Perfect for Traveling Medical Professionals

Jacksonville Luxury Short-Term Rentals are Perfect for Traveling Medical Professionals

As a traveling medical professional, one of the most important choices of your journey will always remain the same: where to live. Oftentimes, contract medical workers don’t want to buy a home that they will spend very little time actually living in. Short-term rentals make more sense when for someone who will be in a city for only a few months, or a year, perhaps.  Becoming a luxury home manager may be the best decision you could make!

If you are a medical professional traveling to Northeast Florida, you have come to the right place. Read to discover how home managing is an ideal solution for traveling medical professionals looking for a temporary home in Jacksonville.

Rather than enduring extended stays in hotels or having to dig deep to find suitable rentals, becoming a home manager allows traveling medical professionals to simply enjoy the comfort of a real home without any added stress. All properties with Home Manager Rentals are located in some of the best neighborhoods in Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, and are rented fully staged with top-quality furniture, artwork and décor.

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Why traveling medical professionals benefit becoming a home manager compared to choosing a traditional long-term rental property:

1. Guaranteed Comfort and Safety

Rather than enduring extended stays in hotels or having to dig deep to find suitable rentals, becoming a home manager allows traveling medical professionals to simply enjoy the comfort of a real home without any added stress. All properties with Home Manager Rentals are located in some of the best neighborhoods in Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, and are rented fully staged with top-quality furniture, artwork and décor.

2. Flexibility

We understand that finding short-term leases can be overwhelming, especially when you are traveling for work and need to find something quick. The best part of becoming a home manager is the unbeatable flexibility. We have multiple rental properties throughout the Jacksonville area, in some of the nicest neighborhoods. As part of our short-term home manager program, you might expect to live in a home between 3-5 months, or longer depending on how fast the home sells. If you’re residing in a home when it sells, we will make every effort to place you in another luxury rental property within our program. You won’t have to worry about breaking a long-term lease or incurring additional fees.

3. You Can Save Money

Not only do home managers get to enjoy luxurious properties, they get to do so for just a fraction of the price – sometimes as much as 75% below market rate rent. When it comes down to it, staying in a luxury short-term rental as a home manager will ultimately give you a better bang for your buck. All landscaping, pool and/or property maintenance costs are provided for. However, home managers are responsible for their utilities.

4. You Can Pack Light!

For a traveling medical professional, it is ideal to be able to move from place to place with ease. Because all our properties are fully furnished, there’s nothing to move but a few personal belongings. If you choose to become a home manager, all you need to bring with you is your clothes and a few personal belongings. Being a home manager is also the perfect opportunity to explore new areas of town or have a temporary “home base” while selling, buying or renovating your home.

Home Managers Rentals places our tenants in luxury homes for sale in Northeast Florida, Our home manager program is particularly well suited for people who travel frequently for work, as well as those going through a divorce or who need a temporary residence while building a custom home. Home Manager Rentals will provide you with incomparable flexibility to better suit your current lifestyle.

Take the first step in achieving the lifestyle you have always wanted! Apply online today to be a home manager, or email Home Manager Rentals at

8 Wonderful Neighborhoods for Jacksonville Luxury Home Managers to Call “Home”

8 Wonderful Neighborhoods for Jacksonville Luxury Home Managers to Call “Home”

Northeast Florida is home to some of the nation’s most luxurious homes and property rentals. If you’re a home manager looking to indulge yourself in the most appealing locations and extravagant homes, you’re in the right place. Now discover 8 exceptional neighborhoods where Jacksonville luxury homes are commonly available for home management.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is known far and wide as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Florida, and indeed, the country. There’s a reason so many CEOs and celebrities call it home. Located in St. John’s County, Ponte Vedra Beach is about 30 minutes southeast of downtown Jacksonville. This coastal community boasts a multitude of incredible oceanfront homes and luxury condominiums, five-star resorts and miles of beautiful beaches. Locals enjoy a variety of fashionable restaurants as well as boutique shopping, spa services and unlimited recreational amenities such as golf, tennis, biking, kayaking and hiking. Home managers will surely feel as if they are on a year-round tropical vacation.

luxury rental home on golf course

Julington Creek

Julington Creek is a beautiful area located in northwest St. John’s County with numerous residential neighborhoods, businesses and natural attractions. This growing community is known to be family-friendly with a top-rated, nationally ranked school district. While Julington Creek is known to be a very quiet and serene neighborhood, you are also always a short distance from outstanding shopping, restaurants and parks. This area has an abundance of private communities with golf courses and country clubs, as well as luxury riverfront condos.

San Marco

Both stylish and urbane, San Marco is the perfect spot just south of downtown Jacksonville for those who enjoy walkable urban neighborhoods with city sophistication. The area was built in the 1920’s and was inspired by the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. This beloved Jacksonville community attracts a mix of young professionals, artists, empty-nesters and families for a well-rounded environment. Relish an array of local activities located in the acclaimed San Marco Square which features trendy bistros, local bars, and artsy coffee shops. For home managers, this neighborhood offers residents an excellent selection of refurbished historic estates, charming mansions and riverfront condos.

san marco square
san marco square

Riverside / Avondale

Riverside and Avondale were originally two separate neighborhoods that blended together over time, creating an upbeat community full of history, young professionals and great amenities. While Avondale offers a newer and more residential environment, Riverside balances it out with an artsy and eclectic ambiance. This historic district runs along the St. John’s river, located just minutes from downtown. Both areas offer an abundance of local shopping, dining, arts and public parks. Known as one of Jacksonville’s most iconic neighborhoods, Riverside Avondale consists of gorgeous preserved and updated historic homes, as well as sophisticated, modern high-rise riverfront condos that home managers will love!

San Jose / Mandarin

The San Jose / Mandarin neighborhoods are located in the wide-ranging Southside area of Jacksonville, FL — a preferred Jacksonville location that can be categorized to some degree as upscale suburbia. From private golf course and country club homes to luxury riverfront condos, the living choices are incredibly diverse in these areas. Local residents enjoy world-class shopping, restaurants, parks and more, all within a convenient radius.


Widely known as one of Jacksonville’s most wealthy and exclusive neighborhoods, Ortega is also an easygoing community featuring breathtaking tree-lined streets, bridges and delightful parks to explore. The community is located just south of downtown on a peninsula nestled between the St. John’s River and Ortega River, making boating, fishing and kayaking popular activities among locals living in this riverfront setting. Ortega attracts close-knit, family oriented residents and is known to be one of the safest areas in Jacksonville. The homes in Ortega range from extraordinary golf-course residences to historic estates with unbeatable views of the river, and high-end luxury condos.

Jax Beaches (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach & Jacksonville Beach)

The Jacksonville Beaches feature 22 miles of coastline consisting of small towns including Jax Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, all located about 15 miles east of downtown. There’s no question that the Jacksonville Beaches are a lively part of Northeast Florida. Not only do residents get to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, but there are also a multitude of fun local restaurants, shops, bars and clubs located all throughout the beaches area. There are also regularly-occurring festivals and concerts of all kinds throughout the year. Located near Hannah Park, the Seawalk Pavilion and Atlantic Beach Town Center, the activities available at the beaches are endless! Each beach town consists of diverse architectural styles ranging from oceanfront condos, townhomes and duplexes, to single-family residences.

Queen’s Harbour

Ideally located between Downtown and the beaches, in the Intracoastal West area of Jacksonville, Queen’s Harbour is a waterfront community in Duval County that is second-to-none, featuring a golf course and yacht marina. This prestigious gated community consists primarily of an impressive variety of large, custom-designed luxury homes. Home to many pro football players over the years, residents here enjoy oak-lined streets and winding waterways throughout the neighborhood, which sits along the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway. One of the most wonderful appeals of Queen’s Harbour is the active luxury lifestyle the community offers with its private clubhouse, fitness center, golf, tennis and social clubs, and incredible boating facilities.

Now that you know a few of the wonderful neighborhood choices available to luxury home managers in the Jacksonville area, we invite you to peruse our current listings of rental properties for home management. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a luxury home manager, we invite you to contact Home Manager Rentals at

A Luxury Home Manager’s Packing Checklist

A Luxury Home Manager’s Packing Checklist

Moving can be a pain, especially if you are in the midst of a divorce or starting a job in a new city, for example. Luckily, being a home manager with Home Manager Rentals provides you a short-term luxury rental home that comes expertly staged with tasteful, elegant furnishings. Home managers in our program only need to move in with their basic essentials and personal items – no furniture, no wall décor…no fuss!

Life transitions and new journeys can be challenging enough without the added stress of creating a new living space that feels like a home. One of the best parts of our program is how easy your move can be. You will not need a moving truck, but there are still a few everyday items that almost every home manager uses. Here is our suggested moving checklist for a luxury home manager.

Pack Light, Live Easy!

1.) Clothing
– First off, you’ll need to bring your wardrobe! Keep your clothing and shoes organized in the closet or dresser. Many of the luxury rental properties have walk-ins with closet organizer systems for your convenience.

2.) Kitchen essentials – Bring along any kitchen essentials that you need for preparing and having meals. This will include plates, cups, silverware, pots and pans.

3.) Small kitchen appliances – You can bring small kitchen appliances that are easy to move such as a blender, toaster or coffee maker. Just be sure to tuck them away in a cabinet or pantry before showings.

4.) Towels and linens – You’ll need your own bed linens and towels for showering. If your property has a pool, you may also want to bring pool towels. Most properties will have laundry facilities, but if not, a washer and dryer can be rented.

5.) Everyday cleaning supplies – One of your roles as the home manager is to make sure the property is clean and ready for buyer showings. It’s important to make sure all countertops, mirrors, bathrooms and other surfaces are wiped down, the dishes are clean and put away, and floors are swept. Therefore, its recommended to have everyday cleaning supplies like dishwasher soap, bathroom cleaner, dust wipes, laundry detergent, glass cleaner, and a broom or vacuum on hand.

6.) Trash can and trash bags – Home managers are responsible for making sure trash is taken out regularly.

7.) Smart devices – Compact home smart devices such as an Amazon Echo or Google Nest are allowed for your own entertainment. If you don’t have a television to bring with you, you may want to rent one.

That’s all there is to it! The minimalist lifestyle of a luxury home manager will allow you to enjoy the comforts of a beautiful, fully furnished luxury home without the pressure of designing or decorating the space. Click here to see some of the luxury properties managed by Home Manager Rentals.  
If this lifestyle seems like a great fit for you, and you’re interested in leasing a short-term luxury home rental in Northeast Florida, then we invite you to submit an online request form to become a home manager for Home Manager Rentals in Jacksonville, FL. We will provide additional details about our program requirements and available properties.