Building a Home & Need a Temporary Rental? Try This Flexible Way to Live!

Building a New Home and Need a Temporary Rental? Try This Flexible Way to Live!

When planning to build a new home, people almost always start by establishing a budget and looking for ways to reduce their expenses. This typically includes factoring in selling their current home and potentially staying in a temporary residence. Paying to live in one space while absorbing the costs of building another can be expensive, especially when the options are pricey Airbnbs or rental properties with inflexible leases. It’s hard to line up traditional rental agreement dates with work completion schedules, ultimately putting you in a costly bind. But there is a little-known solution for the temporary rental conundrum when building a new home: think about becoming a luxury home manager.

The idea of taking on a role as a home manager while dealing with construction may sound surprising at first. After all, what displaced homeowner wants to put more on their plate while already feeling unsettled? But being a luxury home manager might be exactly what you need in such a scenario, providing convenient access to a fully furnished, high-end living space with reduced living expenses, and no long-term lease. It may even feel like… a vacation! Don’t believe it? Time to check out some of the luxury properties that home managers with Home Manager Rentals enjoy in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida region.

Skip the Long-Term Lease

There are no long-term leases associated with our home manager program. In return for simply living in a luxury home and keeping it neat and ready for showings at any time, you are able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at well-below-traditional market rental rates, with costs for things like lawn and pool maintenance paid for. You’ll enjoy incredible amenities and lavish living environments you might otherwise not be able to experience. And you can move out at any time with a 30-day notice, allowing easy coordination with the completion of your own home construction project.

Moving Made Easy

By becoming a home manager, you can simply put your furniture in storage and move into a fully furnished luxury home. Bring your clothing, and daily essentials like linens and dishes—that’s all you need! This essentially cuts your moving expenses in half because you won’t have to move any furniture in or out of your temporary residence. Just bring your stored furniture to your new home once it’s completed.


Enjoy a Wonderful Lifestyle While You Build

Being a luxury home manager means that while you wait for your home to be built, you won’t be cramped in a small apartment or sacrificing the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. Our properties are often million-dollar residences with monthly costs starting at around only $1,600 per month, plus utilities. Many of the homes have waterfront views or luxury amenities. These properties on a traditional lease would cost for 3-5 times what home managers pay!

Apply the Money You Save Being a Home Manager to Your New Home

By avoiding the costs of unnecessary long-term leases and/or the penalties for breaking them early, the added expenses of additional moves, and by taking advantage of well-below-market rental rates, you can end up saving thousands of dollars while you build and allocate those savings to your new home!

How To Apply for a Luxury Home Management Position

If you’re building a new custom home or feel like luxury home management might be a rewarding way for you to save money while enjoying a fun, luxury lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, then we invite you to fill out a home manager application today. You must be responsible and committed to keeping the home show-ready at all times. There’s no smoking or pets allowed (very rarely). All applicants are screened, must pass a background check and meet a minimum credit score of 680 to enter our program.

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