What is a Home Manager?

Living the luxe life as a luxury home manager

Home Manager Rentals is Florida’s premiere home manager placement company. We pride ourselves on identifying and placing the best, most responsible home managers in our luxury properties program. We created this short video to show candidates both what we expect of them, and what they can expect from life as a luxury home manager.

Are you a good fit to be a home manager?

Being a luxury home manager (aka, “resident stager” or “resident manager”) provides the opportunity of a lifetime. Home managers in our program enjoy lavish living in some of the nicest luxury homes and condos in Jacksonville at steeply discounted costs – as much as 75% below market rate rent. The properties are currently listed for sale and the home managers are responsible for keeping the homes ready to show at all times (i.e. beds made, surfaces clean, dishes and clothes put away, etc.).

Who makes a good home manager? Tidy, responsible individuals who desire freedom and flexibility, and wish to lower their living expenses while increasing their standard of living. The program is particularly well suited for individuals who travel frequently for work, military, those building or renovating their own home, or persons who may be going through a separation or divorce, who want to live comfortably and save money while figuring out their next move.