Living Large for Less: The Benefits of Being a Home Manager

The Benefits of Being a Luxury Home Manager

Are you in the mood to try something new while experiencing a lifestyle of luxury? Do your eyes light up at the prospect of exploring new places, living somewhere you’ve always dreamed of and in a way you didn’t imagine was possible? If so, becoming a luxury home manager should be next on your to-do list.

A home manager is someone who occupies a vacant home currently on the market for sale. The home is fully furnished –or “staged”–so that it presents well to prospective homebuyers. The home manager resides in the home, keeping it clean, tidy, and ready for showings at all times. There are a number of benefits to being a luxury home manager.

Live in an Amazing Location

As a luxury home manager, you can potentially choose any location or neighborhood where you discover professional home managers are needed. Many people are unaware these opportunities even exist, but they are more common than you might expect. Not all homes are created equal, of course. Few home management companies specialize in luxury residences equal to properties in our program.

Once you are matched with a great property that you love, you can live there until the home is sold or you choose to relocate to another property when one comes available. From incredible oceanfront homes to swanky high-rise condos in urban settings, it’s a wonderful way to check out many different locations and styles of living.

Experience an Area
Before Buying a Home

If you are contemplating moving to a new area and want to check it out before you commit to buying, being a home manager can provide that opportunity. As a home manager, you are able to avoid a traditional long-term lease and can leave the program at any time with a simple 30-day notice. As you enjoy your low monthly living costs, property maintenance is provided for and your only additional costs are the utilities used while residing in the home. If you happen to find a permanent place of your own during the time you are managing a home, it’s easy to exit our program with a 30-day notice, leaving you free to pursue other living arrangements.

Affordable Luxury: Live a Lifestyle You Wouldn’t Normally Get to Have

Luxury homes that require home managers can range in value from condos worth half a million dollars to single family homes of a million dollars and upwards. Homes can vary from beachfront estates to executive homes set on inland waterways, golf courses, or in historic neighborhoods. In every case, these homes are outfitted with beautiful designer furnishings and incredible amenities in North Florida’s most desirable neighborhoods.

As a luxury home manager, you can enjoy living in these types of residences for far-below-market rental rates. As an individual, couple, or even a small family, you can afford an amazing home through luxury home management that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to live in and enjoy at a fraction of traditional living costs. Our properties are also more cost-efficient than most Airbnbs or other luxury rentals.

Opportunity That Never Ends

Some people get so attached to luxury home management that they elect to continue moving from residence to residence, making it a part of their regular lifestyle. We are proud of the great network of reliable home managers in our program, and continuously seek out new participants to fill these incredible homes. New properties become available frequently, offering our home managers almost endless opportunities to experience different homes and neighborhoods.

Requirements for Being a Luxury Home Manager

With so many benefits of being a luxury home manager, you can imagine how appealing it is to so many. However, there are requirements for the position. You must be a neat, responsible person and pass a background check. A minimum credit score of 680 is required, along with proof of income that can support monthly living costs of $1,600 or higher, including utilities. Training will be provided where we will outline the guidelines such as no smoking and the personal items you are to bring with you. You must be committed to keeping the home show ready within a two-hour notice. All home maintenance, landscaping, or pool cleaning will be provided for by the homeowner.

If you are interested in becoming a luxury home manager in Jacksonville, Florida, we invite you to fill out an application with Home Manager Rentals!