Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

A home manager (also called a “resident stager” or “resident manager”) through our program is someone who lives in a fully furnished luxury home or condo for a low monthly rate. We prefer to work with home managers who are interested in being a part of the program for at least four months but are happy to discuss your specific needs when you apply.

No. This is a short-term home manager program. The properties are on the market to sell. Our average home manager typically stays in each property 3-5 months or longer, depending on how quickly the home sells. We can’t guarantee a length of time. Florida Tenant Laws do not apply to this program.

When the home sells, we will place you into another home in our program. If we don’t currently have another compatible home available, we will refer you to another home manager company. You will always be given a minimum 30-day notice that the home will be sold (typically 45-60 days).

You choose the home from our list of available properties.

Pricing varies per property, starting around $1,500/month. All properties are luxury homes and condominiums ranging in price from $700,000 to $5 million+. Those accepted into our program enjoy market rental rates discounted by as much as 75%.

We provide professional editorial staging services for luxury homeowners and real estate agents through our sister company, Adorn Home Staging. This involves fully furnishing and accessorizing the properties for sale. We place home managers in these properties to keep them “show-ready.” Our services assist with the marketing of the homes, helping them sell faster.

There is no need. All homes are fully furnished, editorially staged and accessorized. During the application process, we’ll go over more specifics with you.

Additional questions

You ensure that the home is always “show ready.” This means the program works best for tidy, responsible people. The beds need to be made daily, dishes put away and surfaces clean and tidy. You will also need to leave the property during a showing (there is some flexibility with scheduling, which will be discussed as a part of your home manager training). You are responsible for all utilities.

  • No smoking.
  • No pets.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Minimum credit score of 675 or higher.
  • Commitment to keeping the home ready to show (this means beds must always be made, surfaces tidy, no dishes in the sink, etc.)
  • Responsible for utilities.
  • If accepted, you must attend a two-hour home manager training session.

No, not typically.

We may accept couples and small families in some instances. Our home manager program is ideal for individuals who might meet one of these common scenarios:

  • Relocating to the Jacksonville area and looking to learn more about a neighborhood before buying
  • Traveling or contract professionals
  • Military
  • Those going through a divorce or other family changes
  • Those needing flexibility
  • Those building or renovating a home who don’t need a long-term rental

We ask for a simple 30-day notice if you wish to move.

Yes, home managers pay for their own utilities.

No. All landscaping, pool and other home maintenance expenses are provided for. Home managers are not responsible for these costs.

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