How Being a Home Manager
Can Help Those Who are Divorcing

Divorce, separation, and other similar changes in circumstances can be difficult transitions for individuals and families to make. They often happen suddenly, without any warning, and can be difficult to endure both emotionally and financially. When preparing for a divorce, you might consider luxury home management as a means of maintaining a certain lifestyle for a fraction of the cost.

Our luxury home management program offers solutions to several of the financial and logistical challenges that divorce puts on a person such as finding a new place to live and minimizing expenses. Being a home manager can also open up new possibilities and allow you to destress and plan your future. Here are several ways that being a home manager can help those who are divorcing or living through family changes.

Maintain the Lifestyle You’re Accustomed To, or Even Elevate It

One of the biggest realizations of navigating a divorce is to understand that in almost every case, everyone inevitably loses something. It might be the security of two incomes, having to move out of a cherished family home, or dividing your belongings. Luxury home management allows you to live in a very comfortable, professionally staged home for a comparable monthly rent of an apartment, without worrying about purchasing new furniture or appliances. It’s normal to feel downtrodden if you were living in an oceanfront villa or golf club estate and are now faced with the prospect of moving into a single bedroom rental. Rest assured, properties in our luxury home management program will provide a high-quality style of living with the luxury furnishings and amenities that you might be accustomed to, or could be an upgrade even!

You Aren’t Locked into a Long-Term Lease

For many divorcing couples who are uncertain about what the future holds, financially speaking or otherwise, the idea of a long-term lease or buying a home during divorce proceedings can be unpalatable. Becoming a luxury home manager means you’re not locked into a lengthy lease and can move out with a 30-day notice. No strings attached!

You Have the Opportunity to Relax and De-Stress

Finding a simple housing solution through the luxury home manager program can be key to avoiding unnecessary added stress and gives you an opportunity to relax, unwind, and sort out your thoughts without worrying about where you’re going to live, how you’re going to make ends meet, and how you’ll maintain a certain lifestyle with potentially a reduced disposable income on hand.

You Get to Experience New Neighborhoods,
Communities and Lifestyles

While you may have difficulty seeing it at the moment, you now have a newfound freedom to experience. No matter who initiated the separation, the emotional toll of dissolving a marriage is no simple thing. It can be nice to explore a different community or neighborhood from what you’ve experienced before, thanks to your role as a luxury home manager. Our program offers a variety of residences, whether you want river or oceanfront living, views of downtown from a high-rise condo, or the revitalized atmosphere of a historic neighborhood.
If you’re going through a divorce, you may be the perfect candidate for a new role by joining our luxury home manager program.

Learn more about the opportunities luxury home management can create for you and apply today!