Coping with Renovation Stress?
Become a Home Manager

Whether you’re in the middle of a significant renovation or planning one in the near future, you might want to consider alternative living arrangements while your home is in a state of flux. Becoming a luxury home manager presents a unique opportunity for you to leave your home while the work takes place without committing to a lease or the added expense of an Airbnb.

Luxury home management can be a more attractive alternative to renting in this situation as it offers you the opportunity to enjoy an exciting luxury lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of a month-to-month contract. Plus, you don’t need to worry about what happens if the home you’re managing sells. You’ll simply relocate to another home to manage. Here are a few other great reasons why becoming a luxury home manager may be the best alternative to long-term rental living.

No Need to Move Furniture!

You heard that right. You can leave your furniture where it is during your renovation, even moving it all to a single room in your home rather than moving it across town, only to move it back once the renovation is complete. When you manage a luxury home, it comes fully and beautifully furnished. This even includes most appliances! You only need to bring your clothes, linens and toiletries to enjoy luxury living while your home undergoes renovation.

No Construction Workers at All Hours of the Day!

When you enter the world of luxury home management, you leave the construction workers behind. No more banging, dirty floors, dealing with dust and constant interruptions to throw your day off course. More importantly, you’re not there to disrupt the workflow of the construction crews renovating your home. This means they are more likely to complete your renovations on schedule. When construction workers are not working around, you they can accomplish so much more each day.

Becoming a Luxury Home Manager – Where to Begin

If you’re ready to escape the constant barrage of construction noise, dust, dirt, and chaos that accompanies living in a home under renovation, or you want to skip those things before you even get started, becoming a luxury home manager may be your ideal solution.

What does it take to get started?

Begin by visiting our website to learn more about the process and the stunning homes available for our luxury home management team members. We are confident you’ll find this to be an attractive alternative to expensive Airbnbs or restrictive leases – and much more affordable, too. Just fill out the luxury home manager application to get started.