3 Traits of Top Luxury Home Managers

Luxury home management is a job that brings with it many incredible perks. A luxury home manager or “resident stager” is a person who lives in a fully-furnished luxury home or condo for a very low monthly cost. These are staged luxury homes currently on the market for sale. The home manager ensures the home is kept show-ready at all times. In return, they enjoy discounted rental rates (up to 75%), plus flexibility and freedom from long-term leases.

Why might someone want to be a home manager? The reasons vary! Some of our home managers have recently divorced and want a rental home that provides similar creature comforts they have become accustomed to. Other home managers are doing extensive home renovations and they need an easy, furnished short-term rental home during the transition.

Top luxury home managers earn trust through their performance and reliability. They are regularly presented with new opportunities, and advanced notice of the best properties coming onto the market. As properties sell, they can move from home-to-home, sampling different communities and exciting new ways of living. Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for the role. Are you? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 traits of luxury home managers. If you possess these three qualities, then chances are good that you could be a great luxury home manager.



Top luxury home managers are first and foremost, responsible people. They are mature, dependable and reliable. After all, they are being entrusted with the care of a high-end home costing from several hundred thousand to multi-millions of dollars. They must keep the home ready for showing at all times and alert the home staging company or property owners if any problems arise at the residence like a leaky faucet, burnt out lights, etc. While they may host guests in their properties, top home managers do not throw parties or abuse the freedom they are provided.

Home managers must be able to pass a background check, possess a minimum credit score of 675, and meet non-smoking and no pet requirements. Although home maintenance costs are paid for, home managers are responsible for their own utilities. Home Manager Rentals provides a convenient training session for our home managers to learn and agree to best practice policies for our luxury properties.

Neat & Tidy

The best luxury home mangers are neat people. Property managers and home staging companies love neat freaks. Because showings can happen at any time upon short notice, luxury home managers must have the home tidied up and ready-to-show quickly, always. That means no dirty dishes in the sink, beds are made, clothes put away, bathroom cleaned, etc. It means leaving the home in show-ready condition every day when leaving for work or going on a trip. If working from home, it means keeping things tidy and being able to leave the residence during the day when a showing is scheduled.



Top luxury home managers are flexible. Because showings can happen at any time. They must not only be ready to tidy up the home and get it ready to show, but must also leave the home prior to the arrival of the buyer prospects and their real estate agent. Showings will be scheduled with at minimum a 2-hour notice, but often 24-hours or more.

Many top home managers are professionals who travel a lot for their jobs or are not at home much, such as medical professionals or traveling salespersons. At the same time, even if a home manager is always at home, that’s okay, as long as they are flexible enough to leave when showings are scheduled.

The same holds true for being flexible once homes sell. This can happen at any time. When a home sells, the home manager is notified, and provided 30 days to vacate. Home Manager Rentals will make every effort to place the home manager in another property under management with a similar caliber of accommodations. This won’t always translate into a home in the same neighborhood or the same type of home but it will be another high-end luxury property which will provide an incredible living experience. Another great plus is that because all homes are staged and fully furnished, luxury home managers with Home Manger Rentals can travel light. They do not need their own furniture or accessories; rather for the most part, just their clothes and personal items. Home Manager Rentals also offers moving assistance to our experienced home managers who have been in the program for over 4 months.

If this sounds like you, and being a luxury home manager for high-end staged properties in Northeast Florida is something you are interested in, then we invite you to complete a short online application to be luxury home manager for Home Manager Rentals in Jacksonville. We’ll follow up with additional information about our program.